Description and prices

Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo

  1. s pen, circa 1940s, pink aluminum cap, stainless clip, black plastic barrel.  medium stainless nib, lever fill, NOS    Set (includes matching pencil)  $50
  2. Pack striped plastic, GF hardware, pencil, matches #1, NOS, uses .011 lead.  
  3. Wearever DeLuxe 100, 1945 +/-, black & brown striped plastic, GF hardware, fine semi-flexible nib, lever fill $35                            
  4. Wearever pencil, matches #3 above.  NOS, uses .011 lead--extra leads included.   $15
  5. Wearever Pacemaker, 1940s, blue/black/cream pattern, GF hardware, medium nib.  button fill   $35
  6. Wearever Pacemaker, green/cream/black striped plastic barrel, 14 kt. fine gold nib--steel encased, rather rare, button fill, "bob wolff" incised on barrel, visi-ink feed. $40
  7. Wearever DeLuxe 100,  1945 +/-, red/black plastic, lever fill, fine flex nib   $40
  8. Wearever Pacemaker 11, circa 1950s, stainless cap, dark green plastic barrel,  NOS?, lever fill, fine interchangeable nib  (similar to Eterbrook nibs),  $25                              
  9. Wearever Zenith, 1940s, dark green plastic, gold-colored hardware, medium 14 Kt. nib. double jeweled $4 
  10. Wearever DeLuxe 100, black plastic, Ca. 1945, 14 Kt. medium nib, lever fill, double jewel,   NOS?     $40 
  11. Wear-Ever CBHR, 1920s, lever fill, Medium nib, 14 Kt Endurance nib,   $40
  12. Wear-Ever  CBHR ribbon pen, junior, 1920s, lever fill, medium "durium" nib,, nickel  hardware,                        $35