Prices and Descriptions of Eagle Pens

 1.  Eagle glass cartridge pen, patented 1890, including one broken cartridge--cannot be filled.  From about 1898/99.   Pen can be dipped, has fine flexible brass nib.  Brass hexagonal body and cap.  $50  

2.  Eagle BHR, circa 1918, fine semi-flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished), stainless hardware.  Clip marked  "Eagle Pencil Co., USA."   $60. 

3.  Eagle Junior size, circa 1930s, "balance" style, black/creme moderne plastic body and cap, F-Flexible nib, GF hardware, lever fill (refurbished),  $65

4.  Eagle full-size pen, circa 1930s, green/black mottled plastic, Nickel hardware, with some plating loss, fine-flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished.)  $75

5.  Eagle full-size pen, green/creme/black iridescent plastic, GF hardware, some plating los from clip and cap band, fine flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished).  $75

6.   Eagle full-sized pen, crica 1935, brown/creme patterned plastic barrel and cap, GF hardware, some plating loss from clip, fine semi-flex nib, lever fill (refurbished).   $70

7.    Eagle full-size pen, blue/creme/black patterned plastic, circa 1930s, GF hardware, some plating wear on clip, fine semi-flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished).   $75

8.  Eagle full-sized pen, circa 1935, red/creme/black iridescent plastic, GF hardware, fine semi-flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished).    $75

9.  Eagle EPENCO pen, green/black mottled plastic body, medium stainless nib, GF hardware, lever fill (refurbished).    $45

10.  Eagle full-sized pen, gray/green/black striped plastic body, GF hardware, with heavy plating loss on clip,  fine  nib, lever fill   (refurbished)  $60  WITHDRAWN

11.  Eagle full-sized pen, chased brass body and cap, circa 1918, clip marked "Eagle Pencil Co., USA,"   medium nib, lever fill (refurbished).   $60

12.  Eagle "Never Break" full-sized pen, chased metal body and cap (silver plated?),  circa 1918-20, clip marked "Eagle Pencil Co., USA," medium-semi-flexible nib, lever fill (refurbished).  $85