Eversharp Pens and Prices

1.  Eversharp Gold Seal, circa 1935, green/creme iridescent plastic, octagonal body, GF hardware (clip inscribed "WJM") lever fill, refurbished, fine flex nib.,deco band. $225

2.  Eversharp GoldSeal, senior, circa 1935, creme/black iridescent plastic body, some discoloration midway up cap, single cap band, medium rigid nib, lever fill. $190.  SOLD

3.  Eversharp Wasp-Oxford, senior, circa 1938/39, red/creme/black iridescent  plastic, nickel hardware, medium flex nib, lever fill, double narrow cap  band.  $140

 4.  Eversharp Wasp-Oxford, senior, circa 1939/40,  black/creme iridescent plastic, fine nib, lever fill, some plating wear on cap  and clip. $75.

5.  Eversharp Wasp-Oxford, circa 1939/40,  green/black/creme  iridescent plastic, single band on cap, slight plating wear on clip, fine nib, lever fill.  $85

6.  Eversharp Skyline,  standard, black plastic throughout, (slight indentation mark on cap), circa 1945, lever fill, fine nib, GF hardware.  $70

7.     Eversharp  Skyline standard, dark brownbody with GF cap and hardware (no dents), 1945 + /-,  fine nib, lever fill.  $85

8.  Eversharp Skyline, demi, circa 1945 +/-, dark brown throughout, GF hardware, medium nib, lever fill.  $75

9.  Eversharp 5th Avene, senior, dark brown body, GF cap and  hardware, circa 1948/50, medium hooded nib, lever fill. $10

10.  Eversharp 5th Ave., junior, circa  1948/50, dark burgundy body, GF cap and hardware, (onr 1 mm dent in cap), hooded  medium nib, lever fill.  $55

11.Eversharp Ventura senior, circa 1955 +/-, black plasitic barrel, GF cap, aerometric fill, fine semi-flex nib.  $70

12.  Eversharp Symphony  oversize, ( 5 1/2" capped)  circa 1950, dark burgundy barrel, stainless cap with GF clip and embedded cap band, fine-flex nib. $80   SOLD

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