Waterman Pens

Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo

  1. Hundred year pen, second year of production, 1941, deep blue with burgundy jewel at end, fine nib, Inscribed on cap, “Waterman, etc..” $225 
  2. Taperite, gold-colored aluminum cap, dark burgundy barrel, with yellow jewel at barrel end. 1940S, fine nib. $ 80 
  3. Taperite Crusader, 1949/50, gold-colored aluminum cap, black plastic barrel, fine nib $65 
  4. Commando, mid-1940s, gray/cream plastic barrel and cap, nickel hardware, medium semi-flex nib. $ 70 
  5. Senior size 52, CBHR, 1920s, broad nib.  $125
  6. CF cartridge pen, 1950s, stainless cap, GF clip,black plastic body, with home-made filler, 14 kt. Embedded fine nib. $ 50 
  7. Ideal, 1960s, chased stainless cap, black plastic barrel, clip. Firm medium nib.  $ 90 
  8. Taperite, 1940s, GF cap and clip, no dings, black plastic barrel, medium nib.  $ 80 
  9. CF cartridge pen, 1950s, Waterman converter, wheat colored barrel, chased GF cap, GF wings and 14 kt. Medium Nib, no plating wear. $ 75 
  10. 52v (junior), CBHR,1920s, Fine flex nib. $ 90
  11. Phileas, 1995/8, medium cartridge pen, made in Paris, gray flecked plastic body, GF hardware, appears NOS. $ 95  
  12. Leareat, 1980s, cartridge with Waterman's converter, black plastic, GF hardware. Fine nib, made in Paris $ 70