Waterman Pens

Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo.

Description and  Prices

  1. Waterman 55, red/black hard rubber, GF hardware, medium flexible nib, 1925, lever fill,   $395 
  2. Waterman 52 1/2 v, red/black hard rubber, GF hardware, lever-fill, fine-flex nib. $110 
  3. Waterman 52 oversized (5 7/16" capped), chased black hard rubber, nickel hardware, lever fill,fine flex nib $100
  4. Waterman 92 v, brown/cream plastic barrel and cap, GF hardware--no  plating wear, 1930s, fine flex nib, $100 
  5. Waterman 3, cream/brown/black mottled plastic, nickel hardware, medium semi-flex nib. $ 135   
  6. Waterman 32 v, black plastic, nickel hardware, medium semi-flex nib. $ 80
  7. Waterman CF cartridge pen,  1950s,  GF chased cap, GF clip, turquoise plastic body, with  Waterman converter fill, GF wings, 14 kt. fine nib, $ 80.
  8. Waterman Commando, black plastic, GF hardware, 1950s, fine firm nib, NOS? $85 
  9. Taperite Stateleigh, 1940s, GF chased cap and hardware, no dings, black plastic barrel, medium nib.  $ 95 
  10. Taperite, gold aluminum cap, plastic barrel, gold colored jewel, GF hardware, 1940s, fine nib, $80
  11. Waterman Phileas, 1995/8, converter pen, made in Paris, black  plastic body, GF hardware, appears NOS. $ 95  
  12. Waterman Leareat, modern, cartridge with Waterman's converter, blue translucent  plastic, stainless hardware. Fine nib,new,  made in Paris $ 50