Description and Prices

1.  Parker Junior Depression Pen, 4 1/2", circa 1933, brown/green/blck mottled  plastic, GF filled hardware (wear on clip ball), "Lucky Curve"  nib and feed from early 1920s, medium nib, unusual pen.  Price:  $75.

2.   Parker Vacuumatic, 1936, full-size, black and cream vertical striping, nickel hardware, double cap band,  refurbished, medium nib.  Price: $95

3.   Parker Vacuumatic, Junior (4 3/4"), 1933.34, double jewel, lock-down filler, green/black/cream mottled plastic, GF hardware, fine semi-flex nib.   $110.

4.   Parker Vacuumatic, 1944,  black plastic, wide embossed cap band, GF hardware,  blue dot clip, fine nib. $105.

5.   Parker Challenger,  1945 (date code sideways on barrel), green/cream/black iridescent plastic, 

GF hardware (slight plating wear on clip and cap band),  button fill,  fine flexible gold nib, refurbished.  $90

6.  Parker DeLuxe  Challenger, circa 1940, cream/black plastic, nickel hardware, button-fill,  triple cap band, fine nib $100.

7.  Parker Duofold,  Circa 1943,  cream/blue/black vertical striped plastic, double cap band,  vac fill, medium nib. medium length  (4 7/8"),  $95.

8.  Parker '51, 1947/48, gray plastic barrel, GF chased cap and clip (two tiny dings on cap),  vac fill (refurbished), medium nib. $115

9.    Parker  '51, 1946, black barrel,  stainless "stacked nickels" cap, blue dot GF clip, Vac fill, fine nib. $105

10.   Parker '51, 1943, black barrel, GF cap & clip, (inscribed "M V G" on cap), vac fill, fine nib.   $105

11.  Parker '45, circa 1960s, cartridge fill with converter, blue barrel and stainless cap, medium stainless nib.  $55

12.  Parker '75, Cross-hatch sterling silver body ("Cisele"), GF clip, 1968, converter, medium nib,  $155.