Price List

 Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo

  1. Imperial IV Lifetime cartridge pen,GF hardware, black plastic, White dot, 1963, touch-down filler, 14 kt. embedded medium nib. $ 80
  2. Imperial, ca. 1961, GF chased cap, black plastic barrel, Touchdown fill, two-tone med. Triumph nib $ 85
  3. Imperial stainless steel,  fine palladium triumph nib, 1970s,  with converter, $65 
  4. Targa cartridge fill,  ca. 1960, white dot stainless steel, Palladium triumph medium nib $65 
  5. Snorkel Valiant, 1950s, red plastic, touch-down fill (refurbished),  medium palladium crest nib $ 95 
  6. Snorkel Valiant,, 1949, gray plastic, GF hardware, medium palladium crest  nib,  touch-down fill (refurbished). $95 
  7. Balance Lifetime Senior, white dot, GF clip and band, black barrel & cap, lever fill, 14 kt. fine nib,  $ 110 
  8. Balance senior 275, ca. 1933/4, green/black/cream striped barrel, lever fill, nickel  hardware, fine- flex  nib,  $ 90 
  9. Balance Senior 350, ca.1934/35,brown/black/cream striped plastic barrel, medium nib, lever fill,. $95 
  10. Balaqnce Senior, Stainless cap with GF hardware, bue plastic barrel, inscribed "Stephen Zahik" on barrel,  1945/46,. Fine nib, touch-down fill. $85 
  11. Sheaffer Junior, ca. 1933/35,blsck plastic barrel and cap, nickel hardware, fine-flex 14 kt.nib, lever fill.  $75 
  12. Ribbon pen, demi, CBHR, 1918/20, gold dome on cap. Med-flex 14 kt.  nib, lever fill, nib inscribed "Sheaffer self-filling"    $75