Price List

Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo

  1. Duofold Senior, circa 1928. Black/cream crackle pattern, with discoloration on the barrel. Button filler (refurbished), with triple cap band. Some plating wear on the ball of the clip. Nib is medium/fine incised with Parker arrow. $215
  2. Duofold Senior, circa 1927, orange plastic (“Big Red”), with single cap band. No plating loss. Button filler (refurbished). Medium nib incised with Parker arrow. $195
  3. Duofold Senior, 1939, black/green?gray “toothbrush” pattern. Single cap band, nickel hardward. Button fill (refurbished), with medium Parker nib. $149
  4. Lady Duofold, late 1920s, black plastic, barrel personalized “Mrs. Alice Macauley”. Wide cap band, button fill (refurbished). Fine Parker nib. $ 95
  5. Duofold Senior, 1940. Black/cream/green plastic barrel. Two cap bands, diaphragm fill (refurbished). Medium semi-flex nib. $110
  6. Duofold Senior, 1942. Black/cream/red plastic barrel. Two cap bands, diaphragm fill, (refurbished). Fine flex nib.  $110
  7. Lady Duofold, circa 1927. Orange plastic barrel. Wide cap band. Fine nib. Button fill (refurbished)  $ 90
  8. DeLuxe Challenger, circa 1937 Iridescent black/cream plastic barrel. Three band cap, nickel hardware. Fine nib. Button fill (refurbished). $100
  9. Challenger Junior, 1940, red/black iridescent plastic barrel. Single cap band, with some plating wear. Fine nib, button fill (refurbished). $ 75
  10. Parker '51, 1946, black plastic barrel & lustraloy cap. Gold-filled blue diamond clip. Broad nib, diaphragm fill (refurbished). $ 95
  11. Parker '51, 1949/50, black plastic barrel, gold-filled cap, blue diamond clip. No cap dings. Medium nib, aerometric fill.  $ 95
  12. Parker '21, 1950s. Red plastic barrel, stainless cap. Fine nib, aerometric fill. $ 35