Items added November, 2018

From the left of the picture:

1:  Wearever Pacemaker set, circa 1945v +/-.  This set is new-old-stock, never dipped or filled.  The nib is 14 kt. gold--somewhat of a rarity on Wearevers, though obviously they did make some.  The papers, box, tags, and price are all part of the set.  The pen fills (water tested), and the pencil  propels and repels the .011 mm.lead.

sceptics might say this was made to resemble the Parker Duofold of the 1940s--and they would be right.   Price:  $60

2.  Eversharp Skyline, mid-1940s.  All black plastic, somewhat unusual.  Extra-fine, smooth nib, with enough flexi to make it a fine writer with a little pressure.  There is plating loss on the hardware, notably the curved line over the top of the cap, and on the lever.  This is a user-grade pen.   Price:  $50.

3.   Waterman Emblem pen, which replaced the Hundred Year Pen, circa 1946.  The pen has a smooth, rigid medium nib.   There is slight plating wear on the cap band.  The barrel appears to have slightly shifted in color, from black to deep burgundy, indicating a fair amount of previous use, though over-all a lovely pen. Price $120.

4,    About a hundred and ten year old Eagle cartridge pen (yep, patented 1891) that used a glass cartridge. A broken one is included (see photo).  It cannot be filled, but writes fine as a dip pen:  extra-fine to fine, depending on the pressure.  Metal brass (?) hexagonal body, slip cap, both of which show some staining from the past 110 years.  Price: $50  

5.  Kreko miniture lever-fill pen, circa 1935.   Fitted with a Peter Pan nib, a smooth medium writer.  Etched on the barrel, "Dorothy, San Diego, 1935."  Red and cream plastic, octagonal barrel and cap. Price $45