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Items added October, 2018

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2-3:    Gold Medal Pen and Pencil Set, 1935 +/-, NOS.  Gold Medal was one of several brands made by National Pen Company in Chicago, Ill., and it was only moderately successful--though not becauswe of quality.  It resembles the Shaeffer Balance, with a lever fill, and stiff, medium  24 kt. gold nib.  The feed has a "visi-vu window, to check for ink.  The barrel and caps are deep burgundy plastic, with gold-filled hardware.  The pencil propels and repels the .011 mm. lead.   Price:  $60

5-6"   Sheaffer cartridge set, mid-1960s, with partially hooded stainless (palladium?) medium nib.   In original presentation box.  Takes a standard Sheaffer cartridge, and may be fitted with a converter.  The caps are stainless steel, and the barrels are deep green plastic.   The set looks unused, but is being sold as used. Price:  $40.

8.  Soyuz  Russian-made  pen, circa 1960s.  The cap is gold-filled, with a rocket  super-imposed on a globe , embossed on the cap.  The pen is a button-filler, with a translucent button that allows the user to see if there is ink within it.  The pen is used, and  has  two small dents in the cap, though no noticeable brassing of the hardware.  The barrel is marked in Russian, as is the clip,.  It appears to be a 109 model .The nib is hooded, as a Parker '51, and appears to be gold.  Price:  $40

10-11:  Wearever  Pennant Set, in original box.  Caps  are anodized aluminum, and the barrels are deep blue-green plastic.  The nib is marked "extfine" and features the "C-flow" plastic feed.  The set looks new, but is being sold as used.  The pencil  propels and repels the standard .11 mm lead.  Price: $35