Waterman Mixed, 1930s-1960s


No. Made? Descriptions: Price: Sold?
1 1920s Waterman 0552 1/2 v ribbon pen, gold-fill  over BHR, mismatch cap and barrel.  Barrel is “cornflower” pattern, cap is chased pattern.  Mismatch results in an 2/8th inch larger pen.  Nib is fairly stiff medium.  Price reflects the mismatch. $65
2 1950s Waterman 4552 1/2 v ribbon pen, sterling silver over BHR.  Overlay is “cornflower” pattern.  Semi-flex fine “Ideal” nib. $120
3 1948 Waterman 3V in black/cream/red  plastic,  circa 1935.  Med flex “Ideal” nib, nickel clip and lever. $60
4 1948/49 Waterman #32, black plastic,  nickel clip & lever, circa 1934.    Medium flexible nib. $95
5 1960s Waterman’s Taperite in black plastic with wide GF girdle on cap.  Part-hooded medium nib, extremely smooth writer. GF clip & lever.   1950s. $65
6 1935 Waterman’s Ideal in gray /cream plastic, Flexible medium nib, GF clip & lever.   Circa 1940s. $75
7 1950s Waterman’s  Ideal, medium flex nib, black plastic barrel & cap, GF clip & lever, about 1943. $75
8 1942s Waterman’s  #94 Ideal,  cream/ black/red flecked plastic, nickel trim, though the lever is  brassed.  Medium flex, smooth nib $120
9 1940s Waterman’s Ideal, Stainless cap, GF clip,  and black plastic barrel.  circa 1940s.
Fine , large 5A, firm nib
10 1930s Waterman’s C/F, cartridge, GF metal cap, blue-green plastic barrel, Deluxe nib & trim.   Has factory installed converter to fill.  Circa 1953, medium nib. $80
11 1930s Waterman’s Taperite, mid-1940s, in black plastic with GF chased cap &  GF clip.  Fairly stiff medium, very smooth,  nib. $75
12 1930s Waterman Ink-Vue 2, thoroughly restored.  Cream and black plastic body.  Nib is marked “purple Waterman’s Ideal.”  Medium, keyhole nib.   Note: no end-pieces. $175

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