Seldom Seen III: Wearever Flattops


Sold? Made? Description Price
1 Circa 1929 Red , white stripe and black end caps. Stainless extra-fine
smooth nib, marked “pencrode.”
2 Circa 1928 Oversize in red, with black end-caps,  Nib medium, gold plated, marked
“durium.”  Crack in barrel at threads,
does not effect writing.
3 Circa 1928 Red plastic senior, black end-caps. Medium stainless nib,
marked “Treasure.”  Slight scratchiness
when writing.
4 Circa 1930 Senior red plastic, black end-caps.. New gold-plated
iridium-tipped medium nib, smooth writer.
5 Circa 1929 Senior red, black end-cap.  “14 kt gold plated.”  Medium nib, with very slight scratchiness
when writing.
6 Circa 1930 Brown/mahogany, black end-caps.  Flexible nib, broad or Ital., Gold-plated,
with extremely slight scratchiness.
7 Circa 1929 Red and black stripes, black end-cap.  Slight brassing on lever.  Wide barrel, Nib is fine, replacement, marked
“Arnold durium, Petersberg,”
smooth writer.
8 Circa 1929 Black, with white stripes below black end-caps.  Barrel has two small dings, plus slight
widening by fill lever. Gold-plated broad nib, smooth writing.
9 Circa 1930 Gray with black end-caps.
No brassing on girdle or clip.  Gold-plated
medium nib, writes quite smoothly.
10 Circa 1928 Black, with white stripe & black end-caps.   Gold-plated medium stainless nib.  Smooth writer $45
11 Circa 1928 Blue/cream striped, with black end-caps.  No girdle on cap.  Stainless 1551 Esterbrook medium nib.  Nickel clip & lever.  Will
install new GP nib if desired.
12 Circa.1923 Black oversize, white stripe & black end-caps,
Replacement stainless nib marked “Stratford.”   Will
install new GP nib, if desired.