Price List

Numbers refer to pens from left to right in photo

  1. Eclipse senior, 1930s, cream/black plastic, barrel and cap discolored.  14 kt. Warranted semi-flexible nib, no plating wear. $110 
  2. Eclipse senior, 1920/30s, orange plastic with black ends (“big red”), plating wear on lever, 14 kt. Warranted flexible fine nib. $90 
  3. Waterpen, 1930s, blue plastic, nickel hardware, 14 kt. Warranted “Wing-Flow” fine flex nib.  $60
  4. Moore 1930s, green plastic, discolored on cap, slightly on barrel, clipless (uses a Rexall removable one), 14 kt. Fine flex “Maniflex” nib. $105
  5. Sheaffer Valiant, 1950s, touch-down fill, burgundy plastic. Semi-flexible  14 kt. nib (made in Canada), no plating wear or dings. $65
  6. Mt. Holyoke (? on barrel), 1930s, black plastic, 14 kt. Warranted #3 fine-flex nib,GF hardware, lever fill.  $65
  7. Sheaffer Junior, 1930s, 14 kt. Fine-flex nib, black plastic, nickel hardware,lever fill. $65 
  8. Moore ribbon pen, black plastic,1930s, 14 kt. Sheaffer semi-flexi fine nib, lever fill. $60 
  9. Waterman Jr. (not in photo), black plastic, Canadian, ca.1945, 14 kt. Ideal fine flex nib, nickel hardware  $75
  10. Peter Pan World ribbon pen, green with cream flecked plastic, ca. 1935, 14 kt. flexible fine Peter Pan nib. $70
  11. Ambassador Jr. 1930s, cream and black plastic, slight discoration on barrel, plating wear on clip. 14 kt. Warranted fine semi-flexible nib. $70
  12. Ribbon pen, junior (3 ½ inches), green and cream plastic, 14 kt. Warranted fine semi-flexible nib $50